Reputations Directory – COVID-19

Rehabilitation centers in general, but especially those in our directory, are always making sure that the health and safety of their patients is a priority. And right now, that is as important as ever. COVID-19 precautions are key, which means that it’s vital to incorporate the necessary protective measures to avoid potential spread.

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers are reliably on top of the status of the pandemic, which is why corresponding measures must change along with it. However, the relevant CDC guidelines are definitely a good place to start, as well as a priority for these facilities. These measures include: 

  • All staff members are always wearing masks and protective gear while they’re inside the facilities.
  • Every visitor has to go through temperature checks before they enter.
  • No clients or patients are to be admitted without first testing negative for COVID-19.
  • Constant sanitation, as well as hand washing, are mandatory for both patients and staff members in order to keep the facilities clean and secure.
  • If any members of the facility’s staff are feeling ill or unwell, they are always instructed to stay home in order to prevent any sort of contagion.

Here you have only a few of the various steps that rehabilitation centers across the United States are committed to in order to stay safe through these pandemic times. After all, addiction rehab is a very important resource for a lot of people and it cannot stop, so it’s key to find ways for it to safely keep going. If you have any questions, be sure to fill out the contact form available here on our website.

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