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Executive drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers are options for high-level professionals like CEOs to receive treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction while still maintaining the ability to work.

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    As we live in a digitized and hyper-connected world, teens’ behavior is no longer the same as before. Depression cases are increasing among teenagers every passing day, and there are multiple reasons to blame. However, several people are aware of this situation, and early treatment can help teens get back to their everyday lives faster. There is a dire need for teen counseling for depression to ease the situation.

    What do recent teenager depression stats look like?

    According to CDC surveys, around 1.9 million teens suffered from depression in 2018. In addition, one out of 3 teens, which equals 37.9%, is suffering from anxiety, affecting their mental growth and nurturing. These numbers are concerning, and it’s critical to keep track of teens’ behavior and know about treatment.
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