Executive Treatment

Executive drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers are options for high-level professionals like CEOs to receive treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction while still maintaining the ability to work.

Start the road to recovery

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    Are you looking for an alcohol and drug treatment center that will genuinely improve the quality of your life? When you look at one treatment center or the next, does it seem like they speak generally, in vagaries, without really telling you how it is they treat patients? That’s not how we do things here at Licasa Treatment Center. We tailor our treatment to the specific individual. Soon after you arrive here, you’ll be assigned to your clinician. Then, they’ll help you to create a treatment plan to meet your needs, your goals. Our “five core competencies” are always prominently involved.

    It Starts with Sobriety

    As with so much else, we begin by setting a foundation. Specifically, this foundation will be in the principles of recovery. In addition to your physical, literal sobriety, we want you to establish and maintain an “emotional sobriety” as well. A significant part of that: building unity. To help, we’ve created a safe, supportive, and welcoming community. Once you’re a part of that, we balance it with a scientific approach. Through a Systems model of care, this approach will be governed by evidence-based practices. That way you can start your treatment in the best possible position.

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