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Helpful Resources for Youth and Families

When it comes to dealing with substance abuse, it’s important to remember that it affects young people differently. There are plenty of evidence-based prevention programs out there for children, young adults, and their parents to help educate youth on life skills, conflict resolution, substance abuse prevention, and effective communication techniques.

Helpful Resources For Those in Recovery

You should know that there are plenty of support groups available for people in recovery, only that sometimes it’s just a bit hard to find them. This is why we’ve gathered some of those resources below. We are continuously updating this section, so come back and check it often.

  • Try using Google’s custom map to find different types of recovery meetings taking place in your specific area.
  • Look through the LifeRing Secular Recovery website. This organization uses a variety of testimonials, stories, and experiences in order to help people develop effective support systems.
  • In the Rooms is a global recovery community that offers a variety of virtual group meetings that take place at different times throughout the day.
  • Use the Virtual resources from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. They’ve gathered plenty of helpful recovery resources, from virtual meetings to informational online threads and message boards.
  • Download the Addiction Policy Forum’s Connections App. This nonprofit has created a research-based app in order to help manage and support people’s addiction recovery.
  • Check out Tempest, which is an online recovery community that offers free recovery and peer support, as well as a very informative blog full of interesting stories and useful advice.
  • Go to the Recovery Research Institute website to find plenty of helpful links to a variety of recovery support resources.

Marketing for Addiction Recovery Centers

It will be important for rehabilitation centers to be able to reach potential patients if they want to help them. This is why marketing tools will be very useful in their day-to-day operations. If you work for an addiction recovery center and would like to more effectively reach your audience, don’t hesitate to reach out to Reputation Rehab. You and your team are probably focused on running an efficient and effective environment for your patients. Allow the experts at Reputation Rehab to take care of your marketing for you.

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