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About Reputations Directory

Finding the right addiction treatment center is one of the most important choices you’ll ever make.

It can influence so much about your life going forward. The same goes if you’re looking for a facility for a loved one as well. Before you make a decision, however, you need to have all of the information. That way, you can make the best choice possible.

That’s what Reputations Directory is all about.

Here, you can find any number of addiction treatment facilities. We’ve separated them into different categories. Through this, you can find the one that is a perfect fit for you.


Getting started with treatment can be incredibly difficult. Just reaching out to a facility and admitting you need help can be one of the biggest challenges a person ever takes on.

That said, we know that for many struggling with addiction, they’ve never really researched substance abuse facilities before.

So, we’ve made sure to offer as much information as possible.

That way, even if this is all totally new to you, you can determine whether you’d be best served by an inpatient facility, an outpatient one, gender-specific treatment, a sober-living home, or anything else.

Even if you don’t make that determination yourself, you can use our directory to get in touch with someone who can help you. At just about all of these facilities, you’ll find an expert that’s more than eager to provide information, clarity, guidance, and hope.

Carefully-Cultivated Directory

If you’ve done any research on substance abuse centers, really any at all, you know how many facilities are out there.

Unfortunately, not all of them are great. Yes, some will be better fits for some people than others might be, but there are some facilities, alas, where the treatment is secondary to the payment.

That’s why, when we put our directory together, we make sure to include only trusted facilities.
If you’ve found them in our directory, you can rest assured that they do things the right way.

Empowering You

In the end, that’s what our directory is all about.

When you’re struggling with addiction, you might feel that there’s nothing you can do, no way to improve.

That’s not true. There is hope.

With our network of treatment facilities, you can find options for treatment, counseling, rehab placement, even financial or insurance help.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.

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